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Hello, welcome to my message wall. Here you can post any messages to me, and i'll be sure to reply as fast as I can, if I didn't reply, that probably means i'm away. You can leave messages, but if not replied for a three days, it'll be removed. Nobody can close threads on this wall, other if they are trolling, or vandalism. Thank you, and take care.
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  • You are banned from the GTA Myths Wiki for sockpuppetry and vandalism. Some screenshots were revealed to me, showing you admitting that you were BiggestShit69, Bibleisfag666, and numerous others that were behind the vandal attacks on the wiki in late September of last year. I am quite shocked and disgusted that you were involved in such activities; even going so low as to use blasphemy to get a reaction. Its hard to believe that I actually considered you a valuable contributor to this site.

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    Gunshow20 closed this thread because:
    necrobump + drama bullshit
    19:52, October 25, 2017
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    • You have a tendency to vandalize or troll wherever you go. You fail to cover it up, and it gets out. People will be able to tell who you are quickly. Whether it's by the IP Checks on CCC, or the watching on other places, people will notice you.

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    • ur mom gay

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