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Mercedes Cortez is a mythical character appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Mercedes is the daughter of Colonel Juan Cortez. She is voiced by Fairuza Balk from Return to Oz.


During the storyline, Tommy Vercetti receives a couple of calls regarding Mercedes, including that from Kent Paul, Juan Cortez and Mercedes herself. Juan Cortez, however, inquires about his daughter in a call and requests Tommy to look after her during his farewell.

The uproar began, when players altered the context of the call and added that Mercedes will accompany Tommy after the completion of the game. Later on, it became apparent that the hunt for Mercedes was a blatant hoax, while some players still believe that Rockstar did intend to include this scenario.

Oh Tommy. Tommy. I, I hear these stories, all these stories - I don't know what to think. Maybe she thinks she can do what she likes but Tommy. Tell me, is it true? These Stories I hear. Is she really going to be a lawyer. Oh Tommy. The shame, the shame! You know, we Cortez's are a proud family. We would never allow a daughter of ours to become a lawyer. Please tell me it isn't so. I don't think I could take it. Oh thank you, Tommy. Thank you. The shame would be unbearable. She's a lady, not a parasite, you know.

–Colonel Juan Cortez


Fairuza Balk, voice actor of Mercedes in Vice City, was named Fairuza by her father regarding her blue eyes. "Fairuza" is Persian for "turquoise."

She used to, at least, claim she was a wiccan, a member of a wicca/witchcraft-oriented religion, or simply a witch. She also ran a store for it, which she named Panpipes Magickal. Later on, she sold the business.

Probably related to that, she stars as Nancy Downs, one of the high school girls who form a coven of witches who practice "The Craft." The segment by Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonwaker, the witch on K-Chat in Vice City, is meant to be a parody of that.

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