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Megalodon Shark, also known as the Giant Shark, is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is influenced by the real life Megalodon, an extinct shark species belonging to the same order as the Great White Shark.    


Shortly after the release of the game, web forums and the YouTube were flooded with numerous claims of the Megalodon, leading players to investigate this myth. Washington Beach, Ocean Beach, Vice City River and the Leaf Links are the locations, where players claim to have witnessed such a shark. A rational explanation leads us to the fact that these sightings are the cause of different observing locus, misleading players to the thought of the Megalodon.

Shark Attacks

Many of the reports include a shark attack, resulting in death. These shark attacks are disclosed in the GTA Vice City Manual: Shark attacks off Vice City happen a few times a year and there are more sharks out there than you would like to think - Best advise: Stay out of the water!. It is more likely an explanation from Rockstar to explain the fact that the player can't swim, but several players hold the belief this statement is based on the Megalodon. Another feature concerning these attacks is, that if the player knocks pedestrians off the bridge into the water, near the Lighthouse, many sharks spawn near them. This could be possible reference to these shark attacks.

Sharks in VC Manual

Sharks Attacks mentioned in the manual.

Video Investigation

Several videos featuring the Megalodon Shark became viral, which later turned out to be modified. This myth still remains in limbo, despite numerous efforts over the years. One of the videos is featured below:

GTA Vice City - Megalodon Shark - MYTH

GTA Vice City - Megalodon Shark - MYTH

New Video Investigation

The following video features the Giant Shark spotted under the Vice River Quay. This video is an example of a fake. In the video the "shark" seen is the normal size of the sharks spotted in the waters of Vice City. In the game files the sharks model size is massive and is what led to the debunking of this claim.

GTA Vice City Giant Shark Found

GTA Vice City Giant Shark Found

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