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Use this page to customize the tags that appear on user profiles. Separate usernames and tags by a pipe (|). To display multiple tags for a user, separate each tag text with commas. Write each username on a new line.


ExampleUsername | Trainee, Newbie
ExampleUsername2 | Guru

Sasquatch101| Founder, Hall of Fame Inductee
Boomer8| Former Bureaucrat, Hall of Fame Inductee
LS11sVaultBoy| Former Bureaucrat, Hall of Fame Inductee
MythHunter2013|Former Administrator, Legendary Myth Hunter, Hall of Fame Inductee
TheGlitch01| Veteran Myth Hunter, Expert Analyst, Pro-Investigator 
AwesomeBoy| Former Admin, GTA SA Hunter, SA:MP Player
MythHunter 007| Patroller, Professional Myth Hunter
Myth hunting master| Former Admin
Myth hunter| Former Administrator 
One True Slash| GTA VC Veteran, Former Admin, Bad Motherfucker, Abandoned
Gameplayer2014| Former Patroller, Technical Gamer
TheIndependent40| Admin, Map Artist, Multigame Investigator
Gunshow20| Former Admin, GTA SA Veteran
HeadbangerPriest| GTA VC Veteran, Bad Motherfucker
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