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Maude Hanson is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Maude Hanson is a former owner of the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory. She once ran an adolescent's home and developed a strong irrational hate for the young ones. This began a sparking debate in the myth hunting community regarding the nature of Maude Hanson. Her Vice City Police's file goes as follows:

Psychotic distributor of soft ice cream. Business known to be a front. We are as yet unable to determine what it is fronting. Maude Hanson runs company. Believed to be a sociopath who once ran a children's home.

According to myth hunters, Maude Hanson's believed to be the culprit behind the Ice Cream Man and one of the key suspects involving the exclusion of adolescents in the game, the other suspect being Pennywise.