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Mary-Beth Maybell is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Mary-Beth Maybell is the host of the country music station K-Rose. Not much is explained about her personality as she lacks a physical appearance in the game. Maybell has been married six times, all of which ended which the husbands dying gruesome deaths, and has nine children. She lives in Bone County, but her actual location is never specified. She drives a pick-up truck, the exact make also not specified.

Because she is connected with the grisly deaths of multiple people, Maybell has become the source of various myths and legends in the GTA community.

Murders and Cannibalism

During her radio broadcasts, Mary-Beth makes various mentions towards her six dead husbands. For example, after "All My Exes Live in Texas", Maybell satirizes the song by saying "all my exes are six feet under.". In various other intermission periods, she makes many more minor references to her dead husbands.

In northern Bone County, there is a mass grave containing six body bags and a Bobcat parked nearby. The fact that the number of corpses matches the number of Maybell's exes, the pick-up truck, and the location in rural Bone County seem to suggest that she is responsible for the murders.

When switching between songs on K-Rose, Mary-Beth will sometimes comment on eating raw meat, including human meat. This seems to imply that not only has she murdered her six husbands, but she has also eaten their flesh.