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Marvin Trill is a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV. Marvin Trill is the host of the Area 53 radio show and also runs the website of the same name. He is voiced by Bob Sevra. Marvin Trill is based on Art Bell, the host of Coast to Coast AM, a radio show that covers topics like Area 51 and Aliens.


Marvin Trill first emerged from the Area 53 radio show that was aired on West Coast Talk Radio. The show received truculent reviews and public obloquy and was termed as nonsensical. Trill's show dealt with conspiratorial rumors about specific government propaganda, allegedly including extraterrestrial beings. This was also mentioned by The Truth in one of his segments. The show featured other mainstream as well as lesser-known myth subjects and gained immense importance in the myth universe. Marvin Trill describes himself as a die-hard Epsilonist and follower of the tract.

One of the most startling subjects includes the confession of a savior planet named Planet X and an apocalyptic age that will befall upon the human race and the existence of a mothership and a tract that can possibly rescue the human brethren. He further proclaimed that he ran the show from a strange trailer compound in the desert. This has lead players to explore his trailer in the vast desert of the game. The prime suspected locations include the HI K 69 radio station and the trailer park near the Lil' Probe Inn and Groom Lake.

Marvin Trill's show is then canceled for unknown reasons. He then ran a website of the same name with similar subjects, this time is related to the nearing Y2K and claims that Domestobots helped him to dig an underground bunker for 5 years. His website is also affiliated with