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Don’t push the Mario Man!


Mario, or the Mario Man, is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The Mario Man is a pivotal member of the Vercetti Gang headed by Tommy Vercetti. Mario doesn’t apply to a single character and the name may be just a general name used for all Vercetti Gang members.


Mario will appear in all the locations owned by Tommy Vercetti and his gang. The character has distinctive features that are often said by the other members of the group in their respective dialogues. The characteristics include short-temper and thick accent. Mario doesn’t appear prior to the Vercetti Takeover, neither in the Vercetti Estate nor in the streets. It is implied that the character was hired by Tommy sometime after the takeover.

The actual "Mario" model has been a subject of debates since early times. The Vercetti Gang has two models, somewhat distinctive in characteristics, with one being a ginger and the other a blonde. Since both the models share the same dialogues and similar accents, it is technically hard to determine the actual Mario. Therefore, for the reason, both the members are generally considered as "Mario."

However, since Mario wanders around the mansion, it is speculated that Mario may be certain about the location of Sonny Forelli's Corpse and Ricardo Diaz's Grave. Furthermore, it may be possible that Mario is well equipped about the speculated ghostly contents in the house. This is highly speculative and it has never been proven that Mario proclaimed such dialogues that reveal the mythical features of the mansion.

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