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Marina Parking Lot is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Marina Parking Lot is an underground car lot located in Ocean Bay Marina, right in front of Pier 2. Although, at first glance, the lot seems isolated and creepy, but in accordance to a technicality, the parking doesn't feature any ghosts, but there are multiple doorways in the parking lot that possibly lead to underground passages. It is theorized that game developers may have opted underground passages out of the game. The car lot features a lesser-known myth known as Ninjas. According to some players, ninjas might ambush the player, but this is largely demonstrated to be a fake rumor. Some have speculated that the lights may switch between green and red, although the original purpose of the lights is not revealed, they may just be emergency lights. If the player is standing right before the exit slope, a glitch enables the surface of the water to float in the lot, only in that specific area. This gives the impression of the parking lot being flooded and signifies the parking with unique and obscure facts. Several manholes are also situated in the lot.