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Well, what're we gonna do Sonny?

–Marco Forelli

Marco Forelli is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is one of the lesser-known members of the rumored Vice City Mafia.

Events of 1986

Marco Forelli was seen in 1986, at Marco's Bistro along with his brother Sonny Forelli and The Forelli Capo, the trio were seen discussing about the feasibility of their planned nexus in Vice City. This was the pivotal part when Marco became a fragment of the Vice City Mafia. However, Marco isn't seen sharing his opinions and remains silent during the entire conversation except for the part where he asks Sonny about his plans but players have theorized that his opinion about the mafia web were cut by Rockstar. Marco's further involvement in the Vice City Mafia remains a myth as he isn't seen any further in the game and doesn't travel to Vice City along with his brother, unintentionally saving him from death. After Sonny's death, Marco served as the don of the Forelli Family and remained in this position for 6 years, until his assassination in 1992.