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Mannequins are a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Mannequins are headless and armless monsters appearing in the game Silent Hill 2. Mannequins are one of the weakest creatures in the game against it's counterparts. These can be encounter in the Streets of Silent Hill, Wood Side Apartments, Blue Creek Apartments, Brookhaven Hospital, Lakeview Hotel, and Baldwin Mansion.

Mannequins, unlike the Faceless Nurses, are alive even if the flashlight is off and will eventually assault the player even if the player steps within a radius three to five feet around the Mannequin. Mannequins have a distinctive advantage when it comes to sudden attack, the radio will not emit static to alert the player if the Mannequin approaches, making it difficult the player to fortify himself.

Mannequins have been placed in GTA Vice City in the modification called Silent Hill Exotica. Mannequins alongside Lying Figures tend to attack the player during his the nightmares which replace the original gameplay. Except for the single modification, the creature doesn't exist in the game, neither physically nor in references.


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