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Manholes are a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The existence of manholes in the game was itself a myth, until later discoveries, which demonstrated that the manholes are very well within the game and are located in Little Haiti. The manhole is situated in front of the Riverside Pavillion. This manhole is considered to contain a secret passage to the basement under the second Riverside Pavillion near Stygian Houses. According to theorists, the Riverside Pavillion transport their meat to their second restaurant, located near the Stygian Houses. The explanations include that the manholes could be effectuated for this particular purpose, because the restaurant owners don't want to attract unwanted attention, as the meat is supposedly controversial and related to Funeraria Romero. Numerous manholes can be found in the Marina Parking Lot of the same shape and size, whereas two standard circular manholes are situated in the Alleys, one of them is in front of the Alley House, whereas the second one is near the house in the adjacent alleyway.

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