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Lunar UFOs are a solved myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Lunar UFOs are a specific type of unidentified flying object that is sighted around Vice City, particularly on Prawn Island. Prawn Island myth hunters have discovered that at twilight during a clear day, several dark objects can be seen drifting past the moon.

This has sparked a debate among myth hunters, questioning the origin of the flying objects.

For years myth hunters recorded dozens of videos on social media websites and forums but never quite found the exact origin of the objects, though the suspicion was navigational lights. Almost a decade later, technical experts found out that the Lunar UFOs sighted from Prawn Island are caused by civilian planes flying past the moon, this can be observed using a sniper.

Certain players have theorized that the sightings may originate from Prawn Island because of the lunar landing studio room nearby the sighting spot but this has been discarded as the observation can be noticed from elsewhere in the city.