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The Ludendorff Farmhouse is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Ludendorff Farmhouse is an unnamed dwelling located in the far northeastern outskirts of the town of Ludendorff. The closest nearby building is the church and cemetery, which has caused the farmhouse to be linked to some paranormal activity.

The home only appears during the game's prologue, where it is the scene of a deadly standoff, eventually leading to the death of Brad Snider. During the siege, Trevor Phillips took an unnamed woman, who lived at the home, hostage, but did not kill her.

The farmhouse is just a simple two-storey home that is surrounded by a few grain silos and pieces of farm equipment. The area is decorated with Christmas lights and other similar holiday decorations, just like it was during the mission "Prologue." This either means that GTA V takes place during this time, or that the home was abandoned following the doomed heist.

There is a limited amount of paranormal activity reported at the farmhouse. The primary myth associated with the area is Brad Snider's ghost, as it is where he was killed. Player reports usually indicate Trevor speaking with an invisible pedestrian around the area of the last stand. It has also been said that an apparition will appear in the home's front windows. The North Yankton Creature has also been hunted around the farmhouse, but to a lesser extent.