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Luck is one of the game statistics and a mysterious feature in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Luck stats is shown along with various other Player's stats, such as Fat, Muscle, Stamina, Respect, and Sex Appeal in the Pause Menu. The only way to increase Luck is to collect the horseshoe collectibles scattered around Las Venturas. Each horseshoe increases Luck by 20, to the maximum of 1000 for all 50 horseshoes. Out of all GTA games so far, Luck is only present in San Andreas. The game never explains what this stats really does, and there's no mention of it once they've collected all the horseshoes.

Its purpose in the game is a matter of debate, as it doesn't seem to affect the gameplay or player's performance like any other stats would. Contrary to its namesake, having maximum Luck makes no difference to the chances of winning at casino or betting gambling games than having it at zero.[1] This is because the gambling code script does not take this stat into account for calculating the probability, and it purely depends on random number generation. It also doesn't correspond with the Gambling skill in any way. Luck is never referenced in any mission script either. Players have made repeated attempts to compare their winning chances before and after maxing out the Luck and also found no significant difference.[1] Whether Luck serves any purpose in the game, or whether or not the player gets any real benefit from maxing it is still a mystery.

The ambiguity of this stats soon leads to many discussions.[2][3] If Luck was just an indication of the player's progress of finding all the horseshoes (which is essential for the 100% completion of the game), then it would be redundant as a count for "Horseshoes collected" already exists in the Achievement stats. It is believed to be the chance of spotting myths, more Luck means it is more likely to encounter myths. Some players suggest it is a hardcoded mechanic and it may have something to do with the chances of encountering a vehicle accident in the game, and it may be connected to the occurrence of random plane crashes around the state, with claims that planes are programmed to crash and kill unlucky players, but this turns out to be just a glitch and a common occurrence regardless of player's luck.[4][5][6] There's another theory that Luck is a leftover from the game's early development and had more role in the beta, or the features related to Luck have been cut.[2]