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Los Santos Elementary was an elementary school located in Los Santos featured in a pre-release trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.



The ULSA Training Center in the final game (which is identical to Los Santos Elementary)

Later during the game's development, the school was removed and the building instead became the University of San Andreas Training Center. The two buildings are identical except for a few changes such as the removal of the school name from the roof.

The reason that the school was cut from the game is unknown, and this is the subject of a minor myth.

In the Sue Murry election campaign trailer, the building was depicted as a large, modern elementary school. In the actual game, the building is no longer a school, but has the same architecture.


Initially, its presence within the game raised speculation about children in GTA V. However, the removal of the school presumably also led to the removal of children. This sudden removal of children at seemingly a very late stage of development has caused many GTA V children myths. 


It is possible that game developers originally planned to have this building be an elementary school, but the idea was scrapped sometime during development.

One likely reason for the building's removal is because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which occurred only a few months before the game's release. The shooting sparked a national controversy about violent video games, and to include an elementary school in a shooter game would be seen as a faux pas after such an event.

It is also possible that game developers never even considered adding the school, and only added the school logos as part of the campaign video.