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Lola Del Rio, famously known as the Lollipop Girl, is an artwork character in Grand Theft Auto IV, evolving as one of greatest mythical characters in the game.


Lola Del Rio, being a prostitute, gained fame due to her looks and six fingers, which turned out to be a developer error, altered in the later versions of the game. Similar to other dropout artwork characters, Lola wasn't included in the game but there has been a wave of sightings around the web dealing with her physical existence. According to the Liberty City Crime Tree, she can be sighted around Star Junction, wandering while sucking a red lollipop. This information instilled enthusiasm among the fans to somehow discover Lola, although it was demonstrated that her model doesn't exist in the game. This myth became even more popular when numerous online users went to announce cash money for users succeeding to find Lola. In light of this competition, users began to alter the game and modify Lola Del Rio, as a result damaging this once great myth and driving it into limbo.

According to her known record, Lola was born in San Fierro and is of age 22. During her early times in the city, she desired to perform in stage acting but unfortunate circumstances lead her into being involved in streetwalking. She pursued this in the year 2002, later, migrating towards Public Lewdness in 2005 and returning to streetwalking in 2007.


  • Lola's character is influenced by Misty. Unlike Misty, Lola doesn't appear in the game. Over the years, people have formulated a mythical relation between these characters, terming them as blood relatives, however, this was never confirmed.
  • Upon purchasing Episodes from Liberty City, users obtain a city map with the three art characters; Gracie Ancelotti, Lola Del Rio, and Joni on one side.
  • The African American drug dealers in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars may blurt out something like "I punked the-(drug)-from some fugly ho' flossin' at Star Junction" during their routine drug dealing. The "ho" could be Lola since she hangs around Star Junction, as her police record indicates.

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