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Locker Room Noises are a myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Although the sound is demonstrated to be very well in the game, the nature of the sound remains unknown.


The myth surfaced when a certain user on reported a strange sound, which originated from the Washington Beach Police Station's locker room, stating that

If you're familiar with the Washington Beach Police Station, you know there's a locker room with a nightstick and a cop uniform (after Cop Land) and a shower attatched. I went in there on my PC and I heard some strange heavy sound, like maybe breathing. but angered, Darth Vader-like breathing. It sounds like it's coming from one of the lockers. I'm not sure if it's just my copy of the game or others too, because I could not find anything about this on the internet. If only you could open the lockers...

However, the observation may be noted way before this post but the discovery itself was perplexing, as the sound wasn't included in the ambient noises of the game, puzzling technicians. This can be a case of a very vague Easter egg with a group of myth hunters claiming the voices to be that of snoring while others relate it to the air conditioner, but the exact purpose of the sounds remain unknown.