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The Links Bridge is a dual-lane beam bridge that connects Leaf Links and Little Haiti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The Links Bridge is based on the real life PortMiami bridge, anachronistically including lightning underneath the Links Bridge, which doesn’t happen with the PortMiami bridge until the 1990s. In the beta version, Links Bridge had a bend near the mainland end and only connected Bayshore Avenue, and not the surrounding roads.


The Links Bridge is the longest bridges in Vice City, along with The South Bridge. The Links Bridge connects Vice Point and Leaf Links to Vice City mainland. The Links Bridge is a direct path to either Little Haiti from the east or Leaf Links from the west. Similar to other bridges, the bridge was closed due to a hurricane warning at the start of the game, but was soon accessible after the completion of mission Phnom Penh '86 in GTA Vice City, and From Zero to Hero in GTA Vice City Stories.

Along with its strategic importance, the Links Bridge is known to contain few handy myths, which primarily include the Suicidal Worker myth, a myth about a former Spand Express employee that commits suicide during the mission Phnom Penh ’86. The infamous Car Grave is also situated underneath the western part of the bridge. It has been speculated that the Car Grave could’ve been a result of a tragic car accident resulting in their fall from the bridge, but this is merely based on speculations and the original purpose is still unknown.

Another vague myth includes an abandoned Predator that can be sighted underneath the eastern part of the bridge. Similar to the Car Grave, its purpose is unknown, but speculations have been formed that states, that the Predator may something to do with the Car Grave or it could’ve been a murder scene that included a predator. All in all, the story is still a myth.