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The Lil' Probe Inn is a small accessible bar in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The bar is located in Bone County, south of Area 69 and north of Fort Carson. The Lil' Probe Inn is mostly distinguished for having a variety of photographs of flying saucers hanging on the walls in its interior. A Beta Map of GTA San Andreas is also found hanging on the wall in a back room, which seemingly depicts UFO sightings across the state. Outside of the bar is a small flying saucer superimposed on a pole and rotating slowly to announce the bar's location.

The name Lil' Probe Inn sounds like "Little Probing," a humorous reference to the anal probes supposedly used on abductees by curious aliens.

The bar itself has been the subject of many myths within the game, most notably the Aliens and UFOs myths. Its close proximity to Area 69 suggests that it is a popular destination for conspiracy theorists within the game.

"Lil' Probe Inn" also refers to the name of a sector on the game's map. This also includes a small trailer park across the street, which is rumored to be the residence of Area 53 host and conspiracy theorist Marvin Trill and a dry lake serving as an Easter egg for the real Groom Lake near Area 51.


  • The Lil' Probe Inn is based on the Lil' A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada.
  • Ironically, there are a total of 69 pictures of UFOs inside of the bar. This may be coincidental, but if not, it could be a reference to Adult Humor.
  • While the Lil' Probe Inn does not directly return in the HD universe, its spiritual successor is the Alien Enthusiasts' House in Grand Theft Auto V.



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