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The Lighthouse Witch is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Lighthouse Witch is a particular witch being that is said to haunt the lighthouse in Ocean Beach. The core reasons for the rumors are the uncommon features of the lighthouse that includes the "OUT OF ORDER" sign on the entrance of the lighthouse. It is believed that the lighthouse was abandoned but the witch forced the doors to be open again, thus leaving the entrance usable despite the sign. Other rumors include that the lights inside the lighthouse might fluctuate on her occurrence.

A tale suggests that the witch is a lost member of the Coven Witches, ousted from the group for unknown reasons. After their dismissal, the witch might've sought shelter in the lighthouse, thus making it haunted. Further, she is said to reside in the lantern panel. Some players have even rumored that the concrete base is the concealed abode of the witch but none of these rumors including the existence of the witch is demonstrated to be true, thus making the entire myth false and fallacious.