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Advertisement is a website in Grand Theft Auto IV. The website is known for referencing famous GTA myths.


According to the site administration, it is a portal to a Subterranean race for Neo-Aztec cyberpunks, they have been accused of worshiping comets, however, they deny practicing any such activity. The site description mentions NSA's conspiracy of shape-shifting reptilian humanoids from Mars, Crop Circles and the Marie Celeste. The website's administration vows to end conspiracies. The All Seeing Eye and Illuminati symbols are referenced numerous times and are used as the website's logo.


The website consists of a forum with various boards about controversial topics. Moreover, the website consists of separate forums dedicated to the All Seeing Eye, Aliens, and UFOs. The users on the forums are named after famous GTA myths such as Chupacabra from Liberty City, Bigfoot from Los Santos, and the Bermuda Triangle from Vice City. Furthermore, the existence of Pluto has also been discussed.

Is there anybody out there? Aliens and UFOs

Aliens and UFOs is a forum that discusses the existence and subjects about extraterrestrial lifeforms. Several users have expressed that the government operates a secret underground UFO base somewhere in the U.S. However, it's likely that the user is referencing Area 69. A user named Kevin proclaimed that his wife was abducted by shape-shifting intermediary Alien from another dimension. Users also mentioned their encounters with winged humanoids. Another user, Bermuda Triangle (from Vice City) referenced 1970 UFO sightings, likely hinting towards UFO sightings in GTA Vice City. Some users also accuse NASA for being an anagram of Satan.