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Police Brutality is a proven myth appearing in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto IV.


Grand Theft Auto III was the first game in the series to feature police brutality. There are multiple events of police brutality found in both games, but there is no connection as they are found in different areas of Liberty City. Many people believe that most of the brutality can be caused by race and skin color, beliefs, or simple behavior.

Cases of Police Brutality in GTA III

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During the mission Kanbu Bust-out, the player is required to stop at the police station in Liberty City. If the player ventures to the back of the station, they can hear the sounds of someone being assaulted and shouting for mercy. The player can investigate further by destroying a wall that covers up the source of the sound, either with a weapon or by ramming it with a car. Behind the wall is a jail cell that has bloody hand-prints on the wall and a pool of blood on the floor. After Kanbu Bust-out, the prison cell is still available with the blood still remaining. The same bloodstain was used for the mission Grand Theft Aero.

Occasionally on the streets of Wichita Gardens, a pedestrian and a police officer can be seen fighting. However, the pedestrian is more likely a street criminal.

Cases of Police Brutality in GTA IV

The first sighting of police brutality can be found near the police station located in East Holland. Outside on the road, a few police cruisers will pull over a passing vehicle. Three police officers will exit the car and harass the driver until one of the officers turns violent and will assault the pedestrian. Once the pedestrian is on the ground, the three police officers will stand idly around the body.

On the Boulevard Beach in Bohan, there is another suspected case of police brutality. A random event will trigger wherein a police officer will stumble upon the rag-doll of a pedestrian, and will idly stand around watching them. It has been debated whether the officer is there to help the wounded pedestrian or if he caused the injury himself. However, the body can be found near a tall incline, thus making critics believe it is just an officer investigating a suicide rather than police brutality.

Similarly, the police occasionally shoot the player while wanted, but they continue to shoot after the player is clearly Wasted.


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