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Leo Teal's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The myth originated on the GTA Myth Wiki forums when a Russian user named Voldemar543 posted a story about the ghost. While the original sighting is written in Russian, another user translated it into English:

One day I was walking around Ocean drive and shooting at street criminals. It was about 2 o'clock in the morning. Suddenly I heard a strange noise, similar to the blow of a cleaver. At the same time, a faint rustle was heard... Two seconds later, on the wall of the building, I saw a shadow, similar to a cook. A few seconds later the shadow disappeared. The next day I found nothing on Ocean Drive. I think that the shadow and the noise is the case of the ghost of Leo Teal. The version of the game is Android.[1]

Upon technically analyzing the claim, at first, it may seem possible that the investigator's claim is true, but it was a misconception. The investigator possibly sighted the strange face textures in Ocean Drive, especially in Ocean Driveway Alleys, and the myth could be a mistake, but his succeeding claim that the shadow just vanished could be a lie or myth-making strategy, as shadows aren't programmed to be in the game. Another scenario could be that the version the player was using could be a mod. All in all, the myth itself is highly unlikely.