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Leo Teal's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The myth took off on the GTA Myth Wiki's forums by a Russian user named Voldemar543. When translated into English, his original post read:

One day I was walking around Ocean drive and shooting at street criminals. It was about 2 o'clock in the morning. Suddenly I heard a strange noise, similar to the blow of a cleaver. At the same time, a faint rustle was heard... Two seconds later, on the wall of the building, I saw a shadow, similar to a cook. A few seconds later the shadow disappeared. The next day I found nothing on Ocean Drive. I think that the shadow and the noise is the case of the ghost of Leo Teal. The version of the game is Android.

Upon technically analyzing the claim, at first, it may seem possible that the investigator's claim is true, but it was a misconception. The investigator possibly sighted the strange face textures in alleys in Washington Beach, and the myth could be a mistake, but his succeeding claim that the shadow just vanished could be a lie or myth-making strategy, as shadows aren't programmed to be in the game. Another scenario could be that the version the player was using could be a modded one. All in all, the myth itself is highly unlikely.


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