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Leo Teal is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City subject to many obscure myths.


Leo Teal is one of the three people, suspected to be involved in the assassination of Vic Vance, Harry, and Lee and primarily botching the deal between Vance crime family and the Forelli Family. Leo Teal's criminal history and involvement are theorized but never confirmed even by in-game sources such as Colonel Cortez, Vice City police and even informant Kent Paul. Leo Teal only knew origin is that he was hired as Mr. Black's personal hitmen while working as a chef in Ocean Beach, mainly to hide suspicion. Leo Teal's history in Vice City is narrated by many bona fide crime sources, such as;

Tommy's Sources

During the storyline, Tommy's allies helped Tommy in gaining secretive information that he needed in exchange for his services. At first, he is informed by Kent Paul about the direct involvement of Leo Teal in the deal. Later on in the game, it is revealed by Colonel Cortez that it was Ricardo Diaz that employed Teal, possibly through a third person, likely to be Mr. Black. Though the sources are trustworthy their statements are unconfirmed by the Vice City crime department.

Vice City Crime Department

Cities topmost secret unit, the Vice City Crime Bureau, unearthed major contacts of Leo Teal, namely Moweesha and Eugene, this helped the bureau formulate a potential theory that both these two were also involved in the botched deal. The crime bureau is the cities most elite agency, yet they describe Teal's life to be complicated to uncover. According to another report Leo Teal was involved in narcotics trade but no evidence of his involvement was found.

  • Possible connection with Mr. Black
  • Very complicated personal life.
  • Works in restaurant business.
  • Communications expert.
  • Haven't been able to get a working tap on his phones.
  • Believed to be working as a hitman in Vice City.
  • Possible involvement in narcotics trade.


Main article: Leo Teal's Ghost

After Leo Teal is killed by Tommy in the mission Back Alley Brawl, some players have reported that his ghost haunts the alleys of Washington Beach. The rumor is that a dark shadow can be seen moving around the area of Teal's death during late night hours, although very few players have lodged a sighting.


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