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Leaper's Bridge is a mythical location and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Leaper's Bridge is the shortest bridge in Liberty City. It spans across the Humboldt River that connects Algonquin to Colony Island, and is the only bridge that connects these two landmasses. The name "Leaper's Bridge" is said to imply that there are suicides that occur there from people jumping off the bridge to their death.

During the Higgins Helitour, the pilot will occasionally say that the bridge "is still the record holder for most suicides." There has been little to no evidence to support the suicide myth, however, it is not totally ruled out.

The Leaper's Bridge may be a reference to the real-life George Washington Bridge in New York City, New York. The George Washington Bridge is notorious for being one of the locations, in which the most suicides occur in the United States, averaging about 10 suicides per year. However, the George Washington Bridge is situated on the western side of Manhattan, crossing the Hudson River, while the Leaper's Bridge is on the eastern side of Algonquin. Even though the placement is different, this theory is still possible, especially because the Humboldt River is based on the Hudson River.


  • This might have something to do with the ghosts haunting the Abandoned Hospital possessing random pedestrians and forcing them to jump off the bridge.
  • There might be a path error that could potentially make the pedestrians walk off the bridge and drown in the water. If this was true, then the myth would be similar to the Suicidal Photographers glitch.

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