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Leaf Links is a golf course situated on a chain of islands in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Leaf Links is located west of Vice Point and is entirely divided by the Vice City River. A copious amount of miniature bridges interconnect the islands of Leaf Links to each other and to other city districts. Leaf Links also serves as a lesser-known mythical location.


Leaf Links is based on Normandy Shores Golf Course in Miami. However, it may be based on Leith Links in Edinburgh, where Rockstar North is located, along with the fact that the game of golf originated from the same region. The Leaf Links is the sole wooded region in Vice City, giving rise to myths like Bridge Trolls and Bigfoot. One of the Cement Shoe Men can also be found west of Leaf Links. Players have also reported sighted the Sea Monster and Megalodon Shark around the islands.