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Las Venturas ghost cars are a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Although called ghost cars by the community, the Las Venturas ghost cars are actually occupied vehicles with strange behavior. The ghost cars can be found at Las Venturas Airport, in the northeast section by the two piles of shipping containers. While the player is in the area, a convoy of Forklifts, Tugs, and Baggages will spawn that continuously drives in a circle around one of the container stacks.

The vehicles drive very aggressively, but will still stop if the player parks a vehicle in their path. If the vehicles are attacked, they will follow the same path, but will drive highly erratically and may fishtail or spin out.

Rarely, another type of industrial vehicle may spawn. If the player quickly enters the airport from another area, the resulting spill over may also cause a different type of vehicle to spawn.

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