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Lancet Intersection is a mythical location in the subways of Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Lancet Intersection, located under the region of Lancet in Liberty City, is the biggest tunnel intersection found in the game. It occupies copious free space that isn't used for the rails. This space is inhabited by the homeless people that use it as a shelter. For this reason, the area is filled with bed foams, trash fires, cabinets, and trolleys.

This area is known for being a hotspot of Ratman sightings. Some people claim that the Ratman is a homeless civilian that hides in this area and has the supernatural ability to run at impossible speeds, causing him to disappear in the blink of an eye. The area leading to the Lancet intersection has also been reported for various Ratman sightings, as people who sighted the Ratman at the Easton Service Station specifically, claim that he disappeared towards the Lancet Intersection.

Notable Sightings

Izfumbles1 - 2013

Here are my two stories of encounters, One day I playing on PC using the mod LCPDFR, I was patroling in Southeastern Lancet. A call came over the radio of a disturbance in the Manganese East Station across from the civiliazation commitee headquarters. I entered the station with my officer model and partner. As I walked down the stairs and turned left I began to notice the station was empty. My partner and I continued to descend deeper into the station to the platform. When I reached the platform it was empty as well. It was about 12:00 am game time. I herd what sounded growning and growls. I turned to find a homeless looking individual running down the tracks towards the hobo camp near the Algonquin bridge. I fired off about five rounds with my pistol which did nothing. The man thus continued onward as I went to arrest him, he seemed to keep going as I tried to get to him I lost him in the darkness of the tunnel and continued on my patrol.

Another encounter was when I was walking in the Star Junction station I spotted a man running I wanted to follow him to see what he was doing. He was a homeless looking man and was running in the train station. I chased him on foot all the way to the hobo camp in which he disappeared.

Sasquatch101 - 2013

I was riding the subway (GTA IV) and with the look around camera saw a strange figure walking on the tracks opposite to me. This happened near Easton Station, but it was not the hobo camp, and the figure was no hobo. My train was traveling fast, but I have never seen a homeless pedestrian look as ragged and creepy as what I think was Ratman. He had very sharp features like an old woman, but tall and lean with long limbs. This happened a couple years ago and I have never seen him since. Overall there is a very weird thing near the Easton Station subway. I recommend riding the subway as I belive he is more likely to appear that way.