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Lance Vance's Infernus is a minor myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Although the vehicle itself isn't associated with any myth and does exist in the game, it is, however, subject to rumors in relation to the Infernus that was owned by Lance Vance.


In GTA Vice City, Lance Vance owns a unique, white-colored Infernus. The car first appeared after Tommy Vercetti killed Leo Teal in an alley, then appeared during the mission Guardian Angels. After Tommy kills Ricardo Diaz at the mansion, the car will start spawning in front of the mansion, making the car obtainable for the rest of the game. Even though the car features a different paint job, the car still features the same handling and speed of a normal-colored Infernus.

Maybe Lance Lives in the Vercetti Estate Because his Infernus spawns at the Vercetti Estate

Rumor has it that this particular Infernus may appear outside of missions, spying on Tommy as a part of Lance's sly ambush plan that was set up by Sonny Forelli. The rumor was easily eradicated by players due to their obsession with the cult figure of Lance, believing any white Infernus to be owned by Lance.

A glitch is also observed regarding the ghostly nature of the vehicle during the mission Back Alley Brawl, at the end of the mission, Lance originally leaves Tommy to the Ocean View Apartment and doesn't leave the car, but when the glitch occurs, Lance is seen standing by his car while the car drives itself away. This, however, is a glitch and could be misrepresented as a ghost car phenomenon.

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