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LB is an unseen and mystery character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


In the mission, Robbing Uncle Sam, Carl Johnson goes to Ryder. He finds Ryder smoking high in his backyard. Both have a conversation about Ryder's high school dropout reason, joking that Ryder hit a teacher for wearing Ballas color and got suspended. CJ also implies that Ryder was selling drugs since the age of ten, although this is just a gig at Ryder for leaving high school. The duo then went on to talk about guns and Ryder suggests that the army hold in National Guard Depot at the Ocean Docks, is the perfect place to steal weapons. They head to the depot in a Mule (parked outside Ryder's house), CJ questions that the mule wasn't here when he came, to which Ryder replies that his homie, LB, got this for him. They both head to depot at Ocean Docks, steal the crates and store them at LB's garage in Willowfield.

Ryder: My homie LB, he's like a clockwork ninja! Real dependable.

–Ryder about LB

LB's Mystery

The general view concerning LB is that he is an old school Grove Street member and probably does help Ryder get the truck. The fact that he is an olden member is supported by the theory that since his garage is in Willowfield (now Ballas stronghold), it could be that he had the garage since the times Seville Boulevard

LB's garage in Willowfield.

Families controlled the region. The opinion that Seville Boulevard Families controlled the region is linked to Emmet's (former Grove Street member) existence in the region. This general view is concluded by the statement that LB is just a vintage Grove Street member having an old hideout in Willowfield. The theory is likely to be true since the garage is used in burglary missions and the mission Home Invasion by Carl Johnson to store his stolen goods. Keeping in view that Ryder wouldn't give complete access to CJ if the garage was indeed shady and private, it is likely that LB is a real person and the garage is used for Grove Street instead of Big Smoke's Alliance.

On the other hand, it is suggested that Ryder could be making up a person known as LB. Infact, it could be that Ryder is already hinting his relation with Big Smoke's Alliance during the mission. During the mission he mentions that Carl Johnson has no idea what's going on in the city. He then parks up the crates in Willowfield, a Ballas stronghold. This theory rejects the reasoning of old Grove Street members in the region and instead implies that LB is just a phantom and the garage is owned by Ballas. Along with the fact that no Grove Street members would live or have a business or hideout in a Ballas region after the deaths of Tony, Brian Johnson, Big Devil and other Grove Street members. However, this theory is unlikely to be true.


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