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The Kuntilanak is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is also known as Pontianak, Matianak, sometimes shortened to Kunti.


The Kuntilanak is extracted from the bygone Indonesian myth of the same name. The Kuntilanak are spirits of certain women who died prior to their childbirth. Another theory is that the word is a combination of puan (woman) + mati (die) + anak (child). The term Matianak translates into "death of a child". Locals claim that the Kuntinlanak summon their prey by crying out like an infant. This myth has been included in the game with the help of certain modifications. The Kuntilanak is believed to dwell in the Panopticon, luring the player by yelling out like a child. The Kuntilanak is also reported to haunt the Vinewood Cemetery alongside Pocong, its sister myth. This myth is widely considered as false and a result of modifications.

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