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Kraff is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is a deity worshiped by members of the Epsilon Program.


Kraff is a confirmed character within the game's canon, as he was mentioned on the Epsilon Cult's official website, although some information may be lost due to release of Grand Theft Auto V and the update of the site. According to the website, Kraff is the famous Emperor of the 4th Paradigm. The cult recognized that certain birth marks are related to Kraff, and as such, people with them are typically treated with renown. Despite all of the in-game references, it is highly doubtful that any of the Epsilon Gods, Kraff included, exist in a physical form.

Kraff is also mentioned on the Easter Island Coverup in GTA IV.

Connection to Bone County


The mesa believed to have a resemblance to Kraff.

After the discovery of Kraff, fans started to search all over San Andreas looking for him, but one spot in the desert caught their attention. Many observant players would point out that the area north of The Big Ear resembles the descendant of Kraff, down to their unique birth mark. The "birthmark" is actually a geyser called Regular Tom and is considered a tourist attraction with many coach buses and tourists located in the adjacent parking lot. Despite numerous investigations, it is highly unlikely that anything Epsilon related is hiding out in the desert. Then again, the nearby Mass Grave as well as the already compelling clues make many players believe there is still more to be found.


Flaptickler is a regular user on from Fort Carson. In addition to his location, he has a strange birthmark on his face, exactly similar to that of the descendant of Kraff. This may be possible that Kraff's descendants still exist in Fort Carson. Moreover, he owns a truck as well, further supporting the evidence.

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