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Konstantinos Smith is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is voiced by a real life occultist of the same name. Smith is the first vampire to appear in the GTA series.


Konstantinos Smith is an occult, dark magician and goth, believed to be a Vampire Hunter. However, he views himself as Vlad Dracula. He is also known as the Man of the Night. According to Konstantinos, Death is the eternal destination of life and is well interested in dark subjects. Smith also mentions astral-projection during the conversation. He is considered as highly pessimistic and gloom-ridden. Smith talks about the Pentagram and that he starts his day with a pint of blood, light candles and cry. He is also accused of practicing Voodoo. Konstantinos also hexed Maurice Chavez by reciting one of his potent curses.

Dark forces, I summon you to me, banish these weaklings and mental inferior ones from my presence.

Players have theorized that Konstantinos could be disguising as Dracula and roaming the Alleys, resulting in a Dracula sighting.


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