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Knife After Dark is a movie based on a murderer in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that is also later mentioned in both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. This movie is a sequel to the 1984 movie, Twilight Knife.


Unlike other films, it is unknown as to whether Knife After Dark was produced under the InterGlobal Studios' banner or not, mainly due to the fact that the film is advertised on Vice City Radio and is produced on a comparatively larger budget. However, the plot revolves around the story of a deranged killer, named Danny, that goes on a killing spree, causing a wave of fear among the local men of an unnamed town. The film is mainly focused on a specific knife that eventually becomes the reason behind this gory nature. This knife is found in the Ocean Beach Driveway; for this reason, it has been linked to the Chainsaw Killer.

This movie is a reference to the 1986 film Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI, as the narrators mention the hockey season at times. However, it could also be a loose reference to the Blob, which includes similar dialogues from the victimized characters. Ironically, the killer is featured on the promotional poster as well. Rumors have been circulating that the movie includes Jason, but it's likely false since the in-movie killer is named Danny. 

Jan Brown, a guest on the Pressing Issues, blurts out criticism at the movie and prohibits her children from viewing it. The movie returned in Grand Theft Auto V, when claimed that Knife After Dark was inspired by the movie Butchery And Other Hobbies. Players who signed in to Grand Theft Auto Online on October 30, 2015, obtained a shirt of the movie, marking a minor tribute to the classic slasher film.

  • Male: He was just the boy next door…
  • Old Male (in Southern accent): Hi! Well hello there Danny! I didn’t know it was hockey season...
  • Danny: Hey, can I borrow a knife!
  • Male: A deadly curse, a deranged killer, a small town in tears! Knife After Dark, rated R for Retarded.

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