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Killer Drones or Phantom Drones are a myth in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online concerning the reported existence of unmarked and often aggressive surveillance drones in the game world, particularly after the release of the After Hours update.


While playing either the next-gen versions of GTA V or GTA Online, players may encounter drones that are the same model as those part of the After Hours vehicle, the Terrorbyte, while roaming around San Andreas. They can be found without the accompanying vehicle or any other players who could be controlling them, suggesting that they are AI-controlled.

As the name suggests, Killer Drones are usually aggressive— if they see the player, they will either follow them around before harassing them with a stun gun and the self-destruct sequence or they will immediately dive towards the player and self-destruct, killing both. Sometimes, however, they will merely be seen observing the player from a distance before disappearing or flying away. Interestingly, once Killer Drones initially see the player, they will be able to follow them perpetually until destroyed, even if the player hides or outruns them.


The drones have been reported to spawn all around the State, but most commonly around Downtown Los Santos and the Tongva Triangle. All three drone models (quadrotor, micro-copter, and orb) have been seen flying in the skies of San Andreas as Killer Drones despite the fact only the quadrotor is capable of being controlled without mods by players. The player-controllable quadrotor drone is typically found in Los Santos while the otherwise unusable flying orb is more commonly seen in the Tongva Triangle. They are most likely to appear on uncrowded servers, while their appearance in the offline game tend to be rare and most likely in the Tongva Triangle, especially near Fort Zancudo.

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