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Kent Paul is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Kent Paul works as the intermediary and informant for various criminals, lawyers, and organizations in Vice City, having his network setup across the state and is aware of all the activities taking place in the city. Kent Paul is said to have his connections with the Vice City Mafia as well, however, this isn't evident from the storyline, and is a far fetched and speculative connection.

Along with the mafia organizations, there has been a rumor interconnecting Kent Paul with the corruption taking place within the SWAT, as described on the VCPD Crime Tree, and he may be very well involved more as a mediator between the SWAT and criminal organizations. Moreover, he is involved with the Enforcement Nexus.

Evident from the cut-scenes, Kent Paul is also cognizant of all the immigrants taking refugee in Vice City, and could be taking part in the smuggling via Vice City Port Authority, located in Escobar International, with the help of the authority themselves, as the authority is said to have a major hand in smuggling, as mentioned in the Vice City Manual. He has good exposure to the shady works of Vice City Triads and Counterfeiting Syndicate, making players believe that he may be a part of these organizations.

On his website, Kent wrote a review about the TV show Yuppie and the Alien.

Kent Paul's Crime Record

  • "Kent Paul" is believed to be an assumed name. Real name unknown...
  • Also known as "KP", "Paulo", and "Kent."
  • English youth.
  • Claims to work in music business. No known employment.
  • INS papers not in order.
  • Claims to be a criminal mastermind.
  • No criminal record yet found.
  • Known to make contact with biker gangs, but believed to have fallen out with Baker's gang.
  • Pathological liar.
  • Appalloing haircut.
  • Suspected narcotics addiction.
  • Known heavy drinker.
  • Seems to have contact in certin SWAT divisions.
  • Frequently seen together in bars.
  • Frequents Malibu Club virtually every night.