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Kate McReary's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto IV.


During the mission Mr and Mrs Bellic, if Revenge was chosen, Kate McReary gets shot by Jimmy Pegorino. Niko mourned her loss for the rest of his journey. However, to the myth hunting community, it was more of a bizarre turn of events. Sometime later, a certain video was uploaded on the web about sighting Kate in the Colony Island Cemetery. However, upon analyzing facts, it can be said that keeping in view the distance between the captured pedestrian and the camera, it can easily be an illusion and the pedestrian could be just a normal pedestrian that gave the impression of Kate's model from a far distance. Another report that surfaced on the web was Kate's call after the mission, but this was proven to be a scripting glitch. Kate McReary's myth, despite being a lesser-known one, is still searched for by myth hunters.