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K. Rosenberg & Co. is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Lawyer Ken Rosenberg inaugurated K. Rosenberg & Co. on the ground floor of Hotel Harrison in the year 1984. It was believed that Ken's firm was funded by the local mafia, which later turned out to be authentic. The firm is regularly visited by Tommy Vercetti and Avery Carrington. Prior to 1986, it is assumed that Giorgio Forelli frequently visited it too. Ken's single room office is filled with extravagant objects. The walls are covered with beautiful Eastern European paintings and certificates marking his time at law school. He has a desk with two books and lamps piled with more books. On the ceiling are two ceiling fans (which are shown during his mission cutscenes). There's also a bookcase, suspected to include Epsilon Program books. On the floor is a lavish European rug. Scattered around are comfortable leather furnishings. Moreover, the building is virtually identical on either side. The hotel is known to possess myths such as Ken Rosenberg and his Epsilon Program interrelation along with bizarre myths including Avery Carrington, his Panlantic plot, the office itself being used as a concealed and secret meeting place for the infamous Vice City Mafia and their lesser-known don, Giorgio Forelli.