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K.A.C.C. Military Fuels is a military aviation fuel depot in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The depot is a large fuel refinement and storage deport dedicated to military aviation use, located in far northeastern Las Venturas. It possesses its own shipping facility with multiple containers stacked around the grounds. Two large nuclear reactor cooling towers, or simply chimneys, dominate the eastern part of the facility.

The depot is closed off to the public by a tall metal security fence that runs the perimeter of the grounds, but players can enter the facility with the aid of a high vehicle such as the Packer, via a Jetpack, or by parachuting in. The front gates will open for military vehicles such as the Patriot, Rhino, or Barracks.

Water Pollution

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It is unknown whether the facility's nuclear reactors are active despite claims, no steam can be seen rising from either tower. However, their activity is implied by the clearly visible green glow around the facility at night. The rear and southern side of the facility containing the cooling towers, several stacks of containers, and the green glow are cordoned off by high-security metal containment fences baring warning signs reading with "HAZARDOUS WASTE ACCUMULATION AREA" written on them.

Players have theorized the depot to be involved in the water pollution conspiracy and may utilize the sea pipes which surround the facility.

K.A.C.C. Corpses


According to the myth hunter ulown00b's theory, in K.A.C.C. there are 3 corpses hung on a wall. It is believed that the 3 corpses are another reference to the number 3 myth. He said that there are 3 pizzas left in the safehouse, K.A.C.C. has a 3 on the billboard, and a number on a telephone located in the same safehouse that starts with 333.


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