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The Junkyard Killer is the subject of a minor myth presented in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Junkyard Killer is the man who killed the college student.


In early 2010, a modification, named Mythemix was released for GTA San Andreas that added multiple myths and creatures to the game. Two of these were the Junkyard Killer, found at the Angel Pine Junkyard, and the Headless Man, found at Blueberry Acres. The modification also added a little backstory to the existence of the Killer and the Headless Man.

According to the story, the Junkyard Killer eliminated a college student and sliced his head off. After murdering the student, he was assassinated by a group of unknown people, who most likely were serial killers. Afterward, they dumped his body in the junkyard next to Mount Chiliad.

His flesh was burned and after a few years, his body was somehow reanimated. He has a pump action shotgun and he shoots anyone who gets close to the junkyard. He is wearing a western hat, boots, and a raincoat. All of the clothes he is wearing except of his white mask are black, because of this, players say that the black color is because of his burned body.

It's said that it is hard to find him, as he might be transparent and he might also be seen fighting the Headless Man under Blueberry Bridge, all of this is not true because the Junkyard Killer simply does not exist in the game.

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