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Juju is an existing magic ritual in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The word Juju is derived from French, meaning joujou. The literal meaning of joujou is toy. A joujou is practiced to captivate and capture magical powers into an specific object. The objects, in which a juju is possessed, varies, but dolls are mostly used for these purposes. The objects or idols can be made only by a witch doctor. Once the ritual is performed by the witch doctor, and if the idol or object used features some used piece of cloth or any other material of the candidate, it is turned into a talisman or an amulet or is made into portions, which are required to be consumed as medicines. During the mission Juju Scramble, Auntie Poulet effectuates a Juju potion in order to hex Tommy Vercetti, moreover, the Juju doll symbol is engraved on walls all around the Little Haiti, possibly casting a hex over the entire region.


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