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Johnny Klebitz's Ghost is a myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


Johnny Klebitz was the president of The Lost MC, and the protagonist of The Lost and Damned. He was killed by Trevor Phillips during the campaign in GTA V.


The myth is, that after the mission Friends Reunited, the ghost of Johnny Klebitz can be heard, or rarely even seen, in Stab City, where The Lost MC are located. Players have reported hearing Johnny's ghost screaming things like I'll get you for this, motherfucker! or I will shit all over your company! Some players reported seeing, or hearing him where he was killed. A newspaper clipping featuring Klebitz can be found at the Blaine County Motel, which also happens to be a hotspot for ghost sightings.

No videos, or concrete evidence has ever emerged, and no files exist in the game that are related to the supposed entity, and Lost Bikers are rarely seen after his death, except for the random events and missions, making it even more absurd.

The noises that are sometimes heard are completely false and faked, as his dialogue is only attached to his character in the files, making this even more absurd than before.

Inside an accessible trailer in Stab City, there will sometimes be a sole biker sitting at a couch, his outfit is always the same, however, when he spots Trevor, he will cry for help. If Trevor approaches the trailer, he will try to attack Trevor. Some people think that Johnny's ghost might have influenced this behavior, and some players mistake the hostile bike for the ghost itself. However, all Lost MC members will act hostile towards Trevor when they spot him, the man's behaviour is normal when playing with the other two characters.

GTA Online[]

However, recently a model for Johnny's ghost was added into the game, and is proven to appear as a 'collectible' in which you have to take a picture of in the Halloween Surprise 2023 update. Thus proving once and for all that his ghost does actually appear in-game, but not in the way the myth mentioned above. Instead the ghost is located near the Sandy Shores Beach Front Recreation Area sign board which is the same spot where Trevor killed Johnny, in which he can be heard shouting Trevor's name and repeating some of his last words.


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