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Jizzy B is a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas subject to an obscure myth.


Zombotech is a mysterious company working as a virus research corporation, which is operating from San Fierro. Zombotech has been a subject of many Zombie myths, largely theorized to clone zombies in San Andreas. According to an investigation by a YouTube myth hunter ulown00b[1], Jizzy B and his business are very well integrated with Zombotech. The player claims that the money earned by Jizzy B is being invested in cloning zombies; this operation is headed by Zombotech and assisted by the Bio-Engineering works in Montgomery. Zombotech's connection with the Biowell could very well be plausible and has been theorized by myth hunters for over a decade. However, the involvement of Jizzy B is highly unlikely.

The myth is vaguely explained by the myth hunter, who at a point stops explaining the myth, claiming it to be too complicated to understand. Therefore, it has no authentic base, making it a false myth.