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Jimmy Pegorino's Villa is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto IV.


After the completion of the mission Revenge, news of Jimmy Pegorino's death made waves in the city and this affects the status of the Pegorino Villa, where myth hunters across video hosting websites started posting videos about Jimmy Pegorino's Villa being haunted. According to myth hunters, the house is possessed by the spirits of those killed by Pegorino along with Pegorino himself. Myth hunters claim to see moving shadows around the house as well as whispers and minor voice disturbances in the house, but technically the actual cause of moving shadows is the white and grey textured windows that are captivating to the glimpse of the eye and eventually players start to imagine a combination of grey, white and black textured shadows moving across the windows whereas it's just the window textures. Rumors also speak that Pegorino's car will eventually start on its own at dark hours but this is just a speculation and fictional tale.