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The Jigsaw Killer is a false myth that can only be encountered using modifications in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Jigsaw Killer is based on the serial killer in the movie Saw. In the movie, he kidnaps people in order to make them take a test to determine their will to live, and those who fail at the test usually die. He is named Jigsaw Killer by the media in the movie because of the Jigsaw puzzle-shaped piece of flesh that he removes from unsuccessful humans. He somewhat gained popularity in the modding world of GTA San Andreas; some players have modded the game by placing him at the Angel Pine Junkyard.[1] Unlike in the movie, the creature will attack the player with its own strength. The creature is small, but has loads of health, making it difficult to kill, but it is fairly weak and will not do much damage to the player. However, the myth is largely deemed as false, simply because it is just the result of mods. It also lacks credible sources citing true incidents relating to the Jigsaw Killer.

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