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Jezz Torrent is a mythical character appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Jezz works as the lead singer for the local band Love Fist. He is voiced by Kevin McKidd.


Following the events of 1986, Jezz indulged in perilous coke addiction, risking his career at large. He subsequently became a member of the Epsilon Program, eventually, giving a testimonial of how the tract aided him to give up the addiction. However, the Epsilon Tract is of enigmatic importance, according to some, possessing the capability of assisting the world to survive the apocalyptic age. Jezz, being familiar with the tract, has established him as a controversial figure, similar to Maccer. Some players hold the belief that both the V-Rock Recording Studio and V-Rock radio station, work for the Epsilon Program but this nexus is quite vague to be concluded as authentic. Moreover, the Love First logo bears a similarity with the infamous, Marvin Trills' symbol of a human skull. This bizarre relation has made players to ponder over the fact that the skull maybe effectuated as an undisclosed symbol, assigned by the cult to its' followers but the skull with respect to the band can easily be related to metal genre. Jezzs' fellow, Percy, once taunted him to possess bestiality, this is yet to be confirmed and could've been just a mock.