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The Jefferson Motel Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Jefferson Motel is a business located in northern Los Santos, in the Jefferson district. It was featured solely in the mission Reuniting the Families, where a massive shootout claiming the lives of numerous gang members, law enforcement officers, and civilians occur. A large number of deaths in the area are certainly evidence that there is one, maybe more, ghosts haunting the building.

After the disastrous SWAT raid, it appears that the Jefferson Motel went out of service, as more trash can be found in the hallways and lobby, and vehicles stop spawning inside of its parking lot. The abandonment has caused a large amount of decay, as there are also broken windows, flickering lights, and stains painting the walls at the motel, giving it a spooky atmosphere.

Inside one of the rooms is a large magenta couch, which, if looked closely, is darkened on the bottom and on the back, implying that someone was sitting on this couch very recently, which is impossible due to the abandonment of the building. In another room, there is a flickering light inside of a spare bedroom. This can occasionally create a lighting glitch as the light will impact the bed, and will cause a large semi-transparent black box to form around the bed, which could easily be misidentified as a spirit.

Despite all this evidence, there is no substantial proof to confirm what the ghost actually looks like. Some players claim that it is just a black mass moving through the hallways. Others say that it is a transparent SWAT officer, gang member, or prostitute who was killed during the mission. There is even an omnipresent claim that the ghost is actually the Ring Girl, but this is likely to be a hoax.

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