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Jeff the Killer is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The myth is influenced by the fabled internet based legend of the same name. However, due to the uncertainty of any evidence, and the logic of the myth, the myth can be demonstrated as false.


The legend surfaced from Creepypasta, certain stories around the web involving horror content and myths. Jeff the Killer was reportedly injured in a bullying incident and eventually burned his face. Post the incident, Jeff went on to become a maniac, randomly sneaking into houses, murdering people, and whispering "go to sleep", moments before the death. Jeff supposedly has cut a smile on his face and burned off his eyelids.

Players have rumored to sight Jeff in the vicinity of the Milligan Hotel, near a weird abandoned building. Players have theorized that Jeff can only be encountered in stormy weather and may possibly murder the player once sighted. Jeff is also rumored to wear a bloodied outfit, equipped with his infamous dagger.

However, despite these claims, this myth is widely considered inaccurate, mainly because the genre of Creepypasta itself was originated in 2010, 8 years after the game's release.