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For the myth in Vice City Universe, see Jason (Vice City).
For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Jason Voorhees (GTA SA).

Jason Voorhees is a false myth and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: V.


In Grand Theft Auto V, just like in GTA Liberty City Stories there is a mask a player can buy that completely looks like the mask in the modern movies of Jason Voorhees, unlike in GTA Liberty City Stories the mask in GTA V is an intentional reference to Jason, as it even has the same paint scheme and hole-filled design. The mask can be purchased by the player from Vespucci Masks. Also, the player can buy a Machete, which is Jason's signature weapon. It is available in all Ammu-Nation stores around the state. Since the existence of the mask, fans have theorized that it is not only a reference but is also hint for the existence of Jason Voorhees in physical form in the game. However, the claim was never confirmed, making this myth false.


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